Hi guys. I plan on building my BR playing ZOOM cash games starting with $100. I will stick to 20 buy-in bankroll management and move up whenever I hit 20 buy-ins. I'm going to 6 table ZOOM with 3 tables of 6 max and 3 tables of FR. I should be able to play around 1000 hands an hour. My goal is to play strictly zoom up until 200nl level when I reach a BR of $4000. I predict it will take me roughly 100,000 hands per limit to move up, with a 2bb/100 WR + rewards. Read more: $100 BR challenge - Acombfosho - PokerSchoolOnline Forum http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?46857-100-BR-challenge-Acombfosho#ixzz2IrtcMhNR


here's my first graph