When I watched the PCA super highroller on http://www.pokerstars.tv  an interesting hand came up. Vaness Selbst raised on the bbutton with AK and Quoss called with QJ. Flop was K, T and a blank that I don't remember. I think Vanessa bet around 300.000 and Quoss cakked.



Turn is the A of hearts and a flushdraw is now on the board. Vanessa bets 300 000 again and Quoss just calls with the nuts.

River is the six of diamonds. Quoss checks again and Vanessa bets around 900 000 again with top two pair and Quoss reraises all in for his remaining 2.7 million.


Could you get away from the hand at this point?

I don't think I could, but if you stop and analyze you notice that:

A set is not likely, because Quoss would probably have reraised with pockets pre except maybe for KK or AA. And Vanessa holds both a king and an ace.

A missed draw is not really possible except for the missed flushdraw on the turn. But in that case Quoss would have to have called with a backdoor and then reraise on a very scary board.

How about two pair? KT is a possibility. Qluoss would probably have reraised with any ace including AT and AK. So Vanessa wins if Quoss has KT, but loses if he has AA or KK or JQ. Maybe it isn't impossible to get away from the hand afterall.