This video highlights the basic principles of the game, refreshing the MTT essentials and practical demonstrations.
Self-discipline is one of the most important principles of poker game and it takes a hugh part in the trainersgame style in the movie.
Issues such as bet quantification , position, stealing the blinds, bankroll management, different stages of the tournament and reading other players are explained clearly and simply by the trainer.
Patience - element missing in quite a few players, especially me.                                                   During many tournaments I was betting with mediocre cards just because of impatience and thirst for action. Easy to guess that most of these moves I lost and found myself almost broke and pushed out of the tournament.    You can not totally ignore the element of luck in poker, on the other hand can minimize damage from bad luck and maximize good luck by playing a methodical, patient and calculated.
Sometimes it's frustrating when you're with the strongest hand and lose the game because of one particular card opponent could use, on the other hand is what excites After all poker - uncertainty and adrenaline, analyzing situations, decision-making and anticipation.


The game skills and knowlage are important - mentality and reasonable and responsible play are even more important.

Good luck guys.