This is basically my NAG strategy, providing you also follow through with judicious, assertive, aggressive Continuation Bets and also very good Post-Flop play... My general Rule of Thumb is as follows: 1. Play any strong hands AA, KK, QQ, AKs/o in Early to Late Position. Always Raise or ReRaise with these hands Pre-Flop (or Limp and ReRaise with AA) to get opponents down to one or two (two or three at the most with AA, unless you are a very big stack and can afford to let three or four players in.) 2. In Mid Position to Late Position, Bet or Raise with AQs/o, AJs/o, KQs/o, Set Mine with Pocket Pairs 22 thru JJ and Pot Control with any Axs and Kxs. 3. In Late Position, Bet or Raise with ATs/o, KJs/o, QJs, JTs (or All In if Tight table.) 4. Never Min Bet or Min Raise. Always Bet or Raise or Re-Raise at least a little over the BB. 5. Always Bet or Raise the same amount, and take the same amount of time to Bet or Raise, regardless of your hand (this totally disguises the range and specifics of your hand.) 6. Rarely Flat Call Pre-Flop, unless you are in Late Position with a Drawing Hand, such at QJs, JTs, T9s or 98s, or hold Pocket Pairs 22 thru 55. 7. On Neutral tables, with TT or above to only Min Bet and Min Raises and Calls, you should generally go All In in Late Position. 8. On Tight tables, you should generally go All In with any two in Late Position, if there are no more than Min Bets and Calls before you. (author: Adrian Paul Miles) * All constructive and reasoned criticisms of this NAG Strategy are welcomed *