Poker is a long journey to success. When you are relatively new at No Limit Hold 'Em Poker, and by that I mean playing under a year or two, you should be sticking to very solid, tight Hand Selection. NLHE is not for timid, passive players. They should stick to other card games, or develop some controlled Aggression. Really good players don't necessarily need great cards to do well in poker tournaments and, so long as you can tread water and keep up with the Blinds, sooner or later good cards will come your way. The thing with good cards though, is the Flop must suit them, or they can turn into junk, so avoid calling All Ins Pre-Flop unless you have Pocket Aces. Raising All In is slightly different due to the Fold Equity, but always remember that in Freerolls, especially Early on in Tournaments, someone will nearly always calls you down, whatever the size of your Raise! Remember, some flops are even bad for Pocket Aces! It's often only one or two pairs by the River and can be beat by a lot of different hands. You need both skill and luck in Poker. You also need a sound strategy for how to play every Starting Hand in each position, depending upon Raises before you. You also need a degree in psychology (just half-joking.) Poker is a not simple game. Only the best can master it.