A Skill League should reward players who make Final Tables, particularly those who come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in tournaments. At the moment, those who repeatedly give mediocre to decent performances by playing nearly all of the Skill League tournaments, are the ones who are topping the Skill League Leaderboard. I believe it is time to adjust the Skill League Points System to favour high performing players before next month's Skill League Leaderboard starts. I suggest this is done by simply weighting the Points Payouts towards the Final Table as follows... FINAL TABLES. 1st Place 50 points bonus. 2nd Place 40 points bonus. 3rd Place 30 points bonus. 4th Place 20 points bonus. 5th - 9th Place 10 points bonus RUNNER UPS. 10th - 49th Place 5 point bonus. 50th - 99th Place 2 point bonus.