I call AKo '"the Gamblers' Hand." AKo is nothing but Ace High with Top Kicker if it misses hitting on the board and, when that happens, will get trashed by any pair made on the board by an opponent. Of course, if they already hold a small Pocket Pair, you are history even if the board doesn't improve their hand! The only way you win if you miss the board, is if your opponent also doesn't improve an unmade hand. However, overplaying low to mid Pocket Pairs Pre Flop All In or Calling All Ins is almost as bad in my opinion and experience (I would include right through to QQ in this too!) This was, of course, Joe Cada main weakness at the Final Table in last year's WSOP. Sadly, he got terribly lucky and this has further encourage new and weak players to overplay low to mid Pocket Pairs. I used to regard Ace King as my favourite hand, hence my screen name, but no longer. The main benefit my screen name serves me now is that most players know that I now play AK very well, so they tend to put me on it, if they are unsure what I have, which often benefits me. I have seen so many players go to the rail with AKo, QQ, JJ and TT, in Pre Flop All In scenarios, it is unreal.