Finally, I have taken 1st place in a Skill League tourney. My rank was 552 a few days ago, but I've performed decently in recent tourneys, bar one, so this should now catapult me into the top 150, if not the top 100. It is very frustrating to watch donks and maniacs get lucky and reduce your stack, but never say die in poker. Pick your moments. Sure, we all need a little luck, but there aren't many LAG (Loose Aggressive) players who can reach Final Tables AND take down the whole tourney. I firmly believe Solid Poker, Knowledge of PreFlop Odds and Post Flop Outs, Pot Control, Controlled Aggression with strong hands, Perseverance and Patience are the Keys to winning poker tournaments. Judicious Pot Control was absolutely key throughout the whole tourney. Without it, there is no way I would've won.