Hitman has already echoed this idea in the forums, but I came up with this idea early last year after pondering how to improve your games but avoid the numerous donks and maniacs, without spending a lot of money in middle to higher stakes poker tournaments. I even have a website dedicated to getting Tiered Skill Leagues implemented. I believe having Tiered Poker Skill Leagues - a Premiership, a First Division, a Second Division, a Third Division and a Fourth Division, would make the Skill Leagues much more fun and rewarding, particularly for good players, or those willing to improve their game. Players could be either promoted or relegated or kept in the same League. This way, the better players would be practising against a better standard of players after proving themselves to move up the Leagues and worse players would be forced to improve their standard of play to avoid being relegated or staying in the same lower League. The primary effect of having tiered Skill Leagues would be that you would eventually be Playing At Your Own Level (equivalent to higher stakes poker.) You then wouldn't have to put up with donkeys and maniacs calling reraises and going all in with virtually nothing. You would only be playing against players who had earned their place in the League you were in! The donks and maniacs would have to fight it out amongst themselves in the bottom League!! It works very well in football and many other sports, so why not also Poker?