In Sklansky Group 1 are AA, KK, QQ and JJ and AKs In Group 2 are TT, AKo, etc., However, AA should really be in a group of it's own; KK and QQ should be in a separate group, as should JJ and AKs Sklansky even includes 32s in Group 8, but this is actually the very worst trap hand in poker The problem is, Sklansky Hand Groups were based on FIXED Limit Hold'Em not NO Limit Hold'Em. They are also based upon pure Win Rates and do not take Expected Value (average profit) into account On top of this, Sklansky only ranked about half of all Starting Hands I have devised a new Starting Hand Group system that ranks all 169 Starting Hands according to EV (I have published this on the internet within a video and also within a new patent protected poker product, but I cannot advertise here)