No, it's not too easy to win 11 bracelets. It's not even remotely easy to enter a room full of people dressed as Caesar (though a bevy of hotties certainly softens the blow), and the simplicity of dodging bullets (baby) is still very much up for debate. What is easy however, is blaming others for your own failures as a poker player.

We've all done it - fallen victim to someone brutally "misplaying" their hand. How we react in this situation and a myriad of others like it, plays a defining role in our ability to correctly think about the game. I'm far from a poker expert (I'll get to that in another entry) but what I have learned is that blaming other people when we lose money at the tables usually only begets one outcome - losing more money.

It's too easy to question the play of others and to disregard our own shortcomings, but we'd do well to remember several things :

  • People play this game for fun, they've paid their money and can do whatever the hell they like with their chips. If you're the superior player, prove it.
  • If someone at your table is frequently misplaying hands, calling when they should be folding or raising and vice versa - good, right? This player is just value waiting to happen, take what happens in stride and remind yourself that eventually, this player is going to be donating to the cause.
  • Wouldn't poker be a ridiculous game if there was only one way to play it? Just because you think someone has no business calling 3b's OOP with marginal holdings, set mining without implied odds, or a million other oddities that we've no doubt  seen happen at the table - does not make it forbidden. If everyone adhered to a prescribed set of rules in poker about how to play a hand  we might just as well be playing bingo (erm, sort of).
  • FInally, by disparaging the play of others we indirectly avoid critiquing our own play. We fail to fully observe the tendencies of our opponents and will almost certainly learn less as a result. We play in the same, stubborn way and expect different results...Crazy.
Personally speaking I have fallen victim to this sort of thinking so often that frankly, it's downright embarrassing. It never ends well, I have spewed off countless buyins (ok, maybe not countless :p) and busted tons of tourneys as a result of this "logic". From now though, enough brattishness, I'm determined to make a change for the better. Maybe it's time you did too!