I guess everyone on this forum has dealt with this conflict sometime or the other.

Is or isn't poker gambling? 

Those who read the question and immediately replied to it in their own heads, I guess, would have iterated and reiterated how poker is not gambling a million times to their families and/or friends.

The usual arguments...that it is not similar to something like roulette for example where there is no logic or common sense involved in the player's choices. That poker  requires mathematical acumen to guess the probability of your hand coming out strongest,  an ability to gauge your opponent's psychology etc etc...but is that all there is to it?

But what defines gambling? The element of chance. 

And of course, in poker, there is an element of chance. A rather significant one.

Significant enough to nullify arguments that would say that there is an element of chance to everything in life. This is bigger. 

But this is exactly the grey area that makes poker such a fascinating sport. (That I use the word sport should give you an idea as to where I stand)

The grey area where acumen and luck have to come together for a victory. This is what makes poker watching as rivetting as indulging in it yourself. The stories we take away from it,: of rivering the opponent when you catch a straight or a flush, or of terribly bad beats (that have happened to other people, I guess).    

And while, luck may desert you over one session or a few sessions of poker, your acumen will hold you in good stead over a period of time. If you have any, that is. 

I am still trying to find out if I have any. 

So, play smart and you will win in the long run, inspite of a few setbacks in between. Advice I need to heed.

So I have been told.