As I sit upon this island sand, alone but quite serene
beside me is my laptop, it has a shiny screen
There is no room to run around or place to park your cars
I sit alone and surf the web to land on poker stars
The palm tree's my antennae, catching waves from way up high
of bytes and stuff from sattelites that beam down from the sky
On-line I meet a motley crew with names I do not know
like ''vlad the bad', 'Trixiebell' and 'curly Papandro'
I thought I had the hang of this, but I haven't got a clue
these 'jack the lads' and 'wannabes' don't play the way I do
I joined a 'tour' the other night, 'no limit' was the game
I took my seat and smiled a lot showed everyone my name
There was a wise guy next to me, who 'shoved in' every time
the others seemed afraid of him and 'mucked' their hands in line
I thought I'd got this fellow beat with an ace and mighty king
I'll call his bluff with a hasty shove and a cry of I'm 'all in'
We danced around the baize a bit, check raising as we went
our chip stacks shrivelled as we bet and nearly all was spent
I viewed my hand a hundred times, to see if I was dreaming
my ace and king were smiling there, with diamonds bright and gleaming
The 'flop' produced another king, a six and two of different race
mixed clubs and hearts adorned the cards, none beat my super ace
Top pair I thought, with my 'big boys' I'll pin him to the wall
no matter what he wants to bet, I'll tease him with a 'call'
The 'turn' descended from above and landed on the baize
a two of hearts to match it's friend, my kings are still ok
More chips, the fellow next to me, pushed into the pot
I matched his bet and called his bluff, I'll have the bloody lot
The 'river' flowed in quietly and didn't wet the cover
it left behind the one of clubs, my ace's little brother
I've got him now I smiled inside, two pair that are the best
I cried 'all in' with such a grin and nodded to the rest
They all seemed very happy that I had taken on this clown
I'll teach him a good lesson and bring this 'mugger' down
All our chips were in the pot, the 'showdown' now began
I flipped my cards and smiked at him, 'beat them if you can'
He showed his king, a sorry thing, all weak without an ace
and then a two, that gave him 'trips', I went home in disgrace.