The bully with the biggest stack
bets most the pot with just a jack
Enough! enough! the others shout
don't go all in and knock us out
A knight steps fom this table round
to put the evil pogre down
Twin royal sisters in his hand
he'll play it slow, he has a plan
He calls the pogre, with a grin
I'll match you bet then go 'all in'
Three cards discarde from the top
the dealer flips the triple flop
A  three, a six and a lowly two
no scary cards to frighten you
The pogre grabs at half his chips
to toss them with his finger tips
He thinks this charge will halt the knight
he'll muck his cards from fear and fright
The noble hero standing tall
shoves his chips and waits the call
The pogre stunned, can't back away
this isn't how it's meant to play
His last few chips go in the pot
ther's nothing left he's bet the lot
The regal sisters hit the baize
and fuel the pogre's fitful rage
He can't believe the others luck
his hand will end up in the muck
The turn and river, twist and fall
they are no help, no help at all
The matching queens will duly reign
and take the honours from this game
The pogre storms and stamps his feet
he does not like it, when he's beat
However! there is one thing that's sure
The pogres will be back for more.