Cards are like fairies, they dance on the screen
dealt from the dark, by a dealer unseen
The players are hunting with a deck and a pack
to smell out a weakness as they eye the short stack
The bold and the bully are leaders of chips
lean back in their chairs, cold tea at their lips
Checking and raising the bets are increased
everyone folds from fear of the beast
Three times the pot slides out from a stack
with a grin on the face, pats itself on the back
Long minutes drag on as the hours go by
blurring the colours before tired eye
The leader board calls, it calls out your name
to be on the telly and have all the fame
A lonely cry shreiks from a last knock out blow
as two pair are drowned in the cruel river's flow
The hoods and the glasses create a disguise
hiding the truth from an opponents cold eyes
The do's and the don'ts, the ifs and the buts
are swept to the floor in search of the 'nuts'
'all in'  the desperate short stacks bleat
biting their nails and shuffling their feet
The sharks engage in a hot head to head
as the poor little minnows wait to be fed
The black king and queen lay on the baize
beside them the ten and the jack of all spades
They smile as they weave the wickedest spell
Who? has the ace, their soul here to sell
The rent and the shopping are put on a hold
as the weak little 'kickers' are having to fold
The twitching of eye and the beading of sweat
the clutching of hands for a six to the set
All fingers are crossed and the biting of lips
Please! give me a king, a king for the trips
The tournament started some hours ago
when the cards were all fresh and the bets were so slow
The big blinds are growing the button draws near
short stacks are groaning and living in fear
Play from position, do the best you can do
but what do I bet on a nine and a two.