hm...after half a day trying to understand and put in order all these info that i took last night...seems not easy thing to do although that i thought that it was ok... played 2 tourney's sng 1.4$ (knockout) (yes without yet have read sng course...will get to that later on today probably)... first one lost in 2nd round!! hooray... had pocket ladies.... was on the button another person at middle position raise from 10/20 blinds to him flop where J 8 4 i think....and he went ALL IN.... off course i knew that my odds against pot odds weren't provide the necessary winning position for my behalf...but i played them anyway...wanted to see if the "rule was on" (just kidding) and the guy had american airlines.... and also at turn and river didn't got my queen anyhow...learn from this one already :P at the 2nd tourney got 1st position, win back my money i put earlier on the previous sng... what i've noticed is that at the most part of that game i didn't got a lot of cards of group 1, 2 or 3...actually was only when i went with other 2 players left...(i got the 3 last of them knockout ) that cards of group 1, 2, 3 were coming... hm anyway... we keep on going