It's something, I struggle with on a continual basis. I'll be In the zone, pumping the tunes, reads be on point 60% of the time, bluffs working (As I hope they do), but when we're either close to ITM, or In ITM, I'm risking everything on a single hand. I'm talking like 13-20bbs, and I don't understand the reasoning for this. The why, am I doing this? I wouldn't do this early on, I won't do this In the middle stages! So why am I doing It at a crucial stage In the game? Why am I like this? It's somethng I can't understand, and I know others here at the PSO also do similar In the PM League games, so It's not just (Me) that does this, (Even though honestly speaking that doesn't make me feel any better), lol. I just wish to understand what over comes me, what Is this monster In me that posses me to "Shove A.I", not as a steal, but a 3bet In a spot which clearly doesn't constitute 3betting and It sure as hell don't constitute 3betting A.I (That's a damn sure).

Today I made ITM In 2 out of 3 PM league games, and on the 2nd I managed to lose the min points, now (TBH) I shouldn't have lost points In the 2nd game, and not becasue It was a BB (Bad-Beat) or anything of that nature, I mean I had the chips/stack to kos**** through til ITM and/or bubble np, but the problem was me (Yes you all read that correct). The Issue was really me, and being (For some weird reason) overlly aggressive, I mean I was playing like a mad-man. Raising everything and anything under the sun from LP. Why, God knows, lol, as I sure as hell don't, lol!

Now In the game I just finished I finished In 36th spot, and TBH. I could've easily made top 20 (I'm not even gonna say I would've won), but I had a stack to actually last me til top 20, couple that with some "Time/Bank folding" Tactics, and It could've happened. Yet I did the most "Absurd" shove ever. When the spot didn't call for a shove. Look, I'll tell you all this, I "Hate the A.I play", unless I'm like 7<BBs I try to stay away from It, when It comes down to "Mediocre Hands", and to me personally with hands like "7s-10s" I find them to be just that "Mediocre" vs "Certain Opponets. I also detest them with a passion when It's for my "Tourney life", now when It's for someone else's tourney life, depending on how much, I put In+Size of the Pot+Pot Odds+the range of hands I put the player on, and how his/her stats are, and how much of a dent It actually Is to my over all stack, that will than raise, my "Mediocre Hands" up In value or "De-value them".  Yet In general I try to "Stay away from A.I plays" with "Mediorce hands" (Just In case you didn't hear me the first few times I said It). Yet the most "Mind twisting" things happen when (I) make ITM, "I" start to "Over-Value" my "Mediocre hands", rather than "valuing them the way I've been doing all game", and I don't know when I change from (This person to that person), but I do know that It happens, when we make "ITM".

In the hand I'm gonna post, I would under normal circumstances, at start of the game, Just flat with It, and see the streets (Summervile Fan). Yet, when I made "ITM" all hell broke loose and I don't know when my hand grabbed the mouse, and slid It all the way to the "ALL IN BUTTON", and after and only after I slid t all the way to the "ALL IN BUTTON" did I say to myself "WTF Did you, just do"? How stupid are you? I truly amaze myself, at my stupidity for doing Idiotic plays. I mean, for starters, I was at the table with this player for quite some-time, and even though this player did raise from UTG,  and was playing sooooooooooo damn tight, and the size of the raise screamed "I have something", and the position they were raising from, combine that with the fact that they weren't getting out of line, lol. I was only hoping at best case scenario, a race with AK/AQ/AJ/A10/KQ/KJ/K10/QJ/Q10/J10, and TBF, we can discount QJs/QJo/J10o/J10s/KJo, but keep the rest of the range of hands. So that leaves us with a race for our tourney life on the line with "36 left" vs AKs/AKo/AQs/AQo/AJs/AJo/A10s/A10o/KQs/KQo/KJs vs 8s, at best case we're 55%. Personally I don't like 55%, to me 55% Is a failing grade, what Is a passing grade Is 80+, I like to have my opponets "Crushed/Demoralized" when the money gets ITM. While I admit, I myself did end up getting lucky 2 times this game (I fully admit that), both time I got lucky though In my defese (Wasn't for my tourney life), Doesn't make It right/fair, but that's the truth. Yet here In this case, I was willing to put my tourney life on the line vs a range which I knew I was flipping with "At best case" (That's me discounting), AA/KK/QQ/JJ/10s/9s (BTW), with 8s? I mean I just discounted every pair above mine, lol. Is that not madening? Is that not Insane to think such a thing? Like "Oh I have 8s, surely this player, can't have a pair higher than mine, thus he/she must have AKs/AKo/AQs/AQo/AJs/AJo/A10s/A10o/KQs/KQo/KJs"? Is this not "Irregular thinking"? Do I, not need to change this type of thought process?

Yet my over-all Issue, Is understanding when this ";Thought process takes effect", and the "Why It takes effect"?


Here's the hand, P.S I did end up cashing btw I finished 36th, so with that I'm finally above 1500 points, not by much though, but better than where I was at. Still plenty of time to go and now I'm down 500 points with all these days left+3 games a day.

It Is the season for Jolly things to happen, and hey I still have hope.


Once again, happy seasons to all, and thank you for reading. To those of you that have left me comments. I want to say thank you, for helping me understanding where I'm lacking In and/or not to give up/lose hope.