For the first 26 minutes of the game, I folded, that's all I did. I didn't get a defendable hand In the BB, nor did I get a raise-able hand In any of the other positions I was In, nor did I get a call-able hand at all. So I was pretty much forced to fold, and fold and do some more folding. Finally get a hand, the one and only hand I played btw, and I still end up losing. If you all are wondering as to why I didn't A) 3bet pre or shove pre, I'm not A) gonna 3bet 10s vs a player whom with his stack size can call me and B) 3bet shoving 40bbs can't be a winning play. Now on river I can't see this player having the "Flush" I mean It's so out of the way and It doesn't make much sense for me to "Fear" the flush as that's a small portion of the hands that they actually could have, so why would I ever fold or fear It on the river when the "4th flush card didn't hit". I can see this player betting with everything and anything on that flop, from Kx to all draws, so when they "Double barrell" again, why am I A) folding B) Raising C) Shoving? I mean, I can only fold If I ever think they "Flopped the flush" (Which clearly I didn't), B, why would I raise If I want to let them fire away with a "4 flush draw and/or Kx type of hand" C) why would I shove turn when again, I get all the hands I beat to fold. So I only kinda figured that the only way to get anything was to play this hand In this CC line down since I flopped a monster and no-body would ever put me on a "Set" In that particular spot, but boy was I In for something else.




What are the odds of flopping a flush? I'll tell you It's 118:1 or 0.84%, that's the odds of actually flopping the flush, so when you flop a set, It's actually more likely that the player that Is betting out Into you, could In-fact be betting out with a "4 flush", so how In the world can I put someone on a flopped flush when the odds to actually flop It, Is so small? I mean I swear I must be on the worst possible down-swing In these In the history of down-swings, It's Impossible to win "when everything you do ends up being a loser", It doesn't matter what I do, or how I do It. I can't but help but lose at the end of the day, I know It's not "Proper thinking", but this Is something else. I mean I've never endured so many losing sessions In such a short amount of time In the PM league, I mean hell I wouldn't even mind If I can make It to 50% of the field but even that seems like It's pushing the limit for me lately because of  the way I'm running.


I hope to GOD this ends soon, as I can't continue like this. Loss after loss, beat after beat, It takes a toll on a player after enduring such beats.