I don't get It, I mean, I've been very "active/aggressive" the latest PM game, and yet, no-one Is willing to look me up, while I'm short? So than the question Isn't why, but more so, why are they willing to limp/fold to a SS In the first place, knowing damn well, I'm gonna be shoving ATC that are shove-able given my stacks and/or remaining BB's!



Trying to get a double up from these guys Is something else, I mean I've been extermely "Aggro", so much so to the point that, It should be clearly apparent to anyone that's paying some-what some attention. I've been stealing from LP's (Hard-Core), and some of  my steals have even gone to "Show-Down" and the tables seen the B.S I'm opening with from LP, which begs the question, why aren't I getting called when I shove A.I while SS?

On the other spectrum, I have to deal with shit like this, and I mean, It's soooooooo fkn sickening, that I'm continually losing like this to this crap, I mean WTF can I do. Every fkn game? Really? I have to get unlucky when It matters for me?


I mean the steal was apparent and yes K8o In LP Is stealable, but I mean come on, how the fk do I end up missing everything under the sun?




Than my final hand Is this, again, I missed everything under the sun that could have helped me when I needed It.

">http://[replay hand_id=927168 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=204039A80A


So how In the world am I supposed to "Make anything" when I'm running so under EV In all my A.I situations. Yes It's still early, but all these negative points do add up+the fact that It's down right demoralizing TBH.


Well see you all In acouple of hours, to do this once again