I'm telling you, players have evolved to a point where the same hooks/snares aren't working anymore. They now know all the tricks, so the same old crap doesn't seem to work on them. Now you have me (Trying the same old shit), see where this Is heading?




I wont lie, It's been a few years since I've played the PM league, and the play from what I've observed has become a-lot tougher, and because It's become tougher, I'm actually having a difficult time, ranging players, or combating their aggressive nature, and this In turn has made me "The wanna be Fisherman", Into the "Fish".


I mean, I never In my life dreamed I would really be having such a difficult time cashing as of yet. It's so absured, that my mind can't comprehend It. Don't get It twisted, I'm not being arrogant, nor do I proclaim to be the "Greatest player ever". Yet I don't think I'm this terrible either, lol. I mean I never figured I would be this terrible. I'll be posting hands but my play IMO over all to this point has been "Funky/Wonky/Horrendous" and any terminology that fits the pattern. Don't misunderstand me, bad beats and "Bad Plays" are 2 totally different things. I know my beats aren't "Bad Beats", losing flips Is part of the game, but playing soooooooooooooo nitty to the point "where you know you'll be gettig called light by the big stacks at the table", Is my Issue. I normallly  don't play like a "BITCH" but I have been since the start of these to get a feel for the players In them, and I mean, even I don't know the "Why" am I playing the way I am.


Anyways, so far, I'm 0 In all games+Minus points. Yes plenty of time to catch up and win some $$$ , but very dishearting to know how low you are at this point, when you were thinking everything was gonna be on the up and up


Here's from my latest PM league game, I finished top 180-190ish give or take out of 600+ players, so I'm hoping this will get me plus points. Yet I want to look at the hand, I mean A3o Isn't really a big hand but truth be told everyone folded and I had the BTN so did "I need to steal"? That's my question, or could I have folded It and move on to the next hand?





On another note, we made our first FT In a private forum free-roll, mind you I finished 7th for $4, still better than bubble or the small cash's. I not planning on using the funds until I reach a min of $40-$50. So some ways to go but I'll take this for now.