I'm stuck In a situation. I want to build a "B.R", soley from "Free-Rolls". Now the Issue Is as follows. If I want to continue to stay In the "PM league" (As this Is my first month returning to It). I need to accumulate "VPPs" for the "Following month/January PM league Ticket".




Here's the problem with this, If I were to "Deposit" than It's not  real "B.R challenge". Don't misunderstand me (Team Pro Andre Accoimbra) did that "$10-$1k and beyond" (And that's very Impressive and Is In of Itself one hell of an accomplishement), he also did that "$100-$100k challenge", and came damn near to actually accomplishing It and lets be real $67k Is Insane to make In a year from $100.


My point to all of this Is as follows. I've always wanted to accomplish the "$100-$10k challenge" and I've spoken to some members on other forums that actually accomplished the challenge. 


So In an odd sense, It's something I've always wanted to accomplish myslef to say "I've done that", and just In-general have that box ticked of.


So this will be my area where I'll keep updates and let you all know. How the challenge Is going.


I plan on posting Hands when I lose to see "If anything was possible In that said situation".


So many questions come Into mind about this challenge. 


For starters, where am I gonna start from? The answer to this Is, PM league, and since I don't plan on "Depositing", I either better win (This month), or hope to just build the roll up slowly over time.


Is their a "Time Frame"? Honestly no "Time Frame", as It's not about the "Time" but the actual "Accomplishment and the journey".


Once I do end up building a roll, what games am I gonna play? In general I love "PLO" but as far as tourney's go, It really depends on the my over-all roll. Yet In all Fairness, "When I do" achieve my end result, I really am not planning on playing anything past $27s, unless roll Is like $50k or I satellite Into the majors on Sunday.


Well, I have no clue how to post "Attachements" at the moment. So I'm gonna learn that and I'll get back to you all once I learn how to do that.


P.S I hope you all can follow me on my journey and help me Improve as time goes on, and help me over come the bad runs that will eventually happen.


Once again, Thank you all and Happy Seasons.




Here's the B.R currently, so yes I have a-lot of work to do to get to where I want to get to but with some work/luck and patience, anything Is possible.