You ever play your best Constantly, Just to Get Robbed on the River? You know forget about the whole Getting Robbed on the River (Cuz I mean If you can't see that 1 pair isn't really the best unless you have a read, then your not even playing your best), but I'm speaking in terms of Sets losing to river Flushs which you know the person is on a Draw...For instance here's this hand I played H.U right now in a 70Fpp Satty to the Sunday Storm, I had QQ Raised on the Button, Flop came Q76(Rainbow), I bet 1/2 Pot, he called, Turn King (Bringing 2 spades), He checks I bet 2/3rds Pot He called, River 2s(Making Flush only way to lose, besides say set of Kings), He bets 2/3rds pot...I tanked and thought about all the ways to lose, and I asked myself would this player really have hit a RRR flush, and I decided he really wouldn't be so stupid to call me down with Air, unless he had say 58s or 89s, and I really thought I was losing value by just flating so I decided to RR and Thus committing myself into the Call (Hoping maybe 2 pair calls lower set calls), and he shoved and I called and YES he had 58s, FML....Same things have happened in the PSO games today that I've played, I mean Now I should be barely cracking 2100+Points area, while Yesterday I was close to cracking 2200+Points area, Now this means I'm doing something wrong, I mean I can't blame it all on Variance, but Exactly what am I doing wrong here? I know I'm running like crap, getting it in Good and just getting out drawn on Constantly+Missing all my draws+Playing Good whole cards and wiffing all the flops...So I post this question to you all what must I do to get out of this slump I'm in at the moment?