I often find myself Day Dreaming about Life after Winning "The Sunday Million", "The Sunday Warm Up" (Not so much after winning the Sunday Stomr Odd, lol )...I ask myself, what do those players end up doing with there winnings? I never Get Excited about a Game Realistically speaking unless the money is Life changing, and to Be honest, (I think 200K+ Fits in that life Changing Group, I could Be Wrong though, but it is Close)....We all have Dreams/Goals/Ambitions for ourselves, and yet we (Most of Us),  Don't Accomplish those Goals, why? Is it that the Game is So hard that you just can't win in it? Is it that you Run just Horrible in those Big game? What exactly is it that you can't win, and yet others do? Is it Fate? Were they Fated to win on that day? I belive in Fate (You chose your Own Path), but I look at it differently (I believe in GOD "ALLAH" to be more Precise (GOD is just Universally Well known way to put a Name on your Creators Title)...My Point is I believe that he makes Different paths Depending on all the Choices that you make in Your life, So lets say that You, as a child Went left on this Street heading to this Destination, there-fore you ran into this Person who asked you for Directions heading to this Area, this in turn changes the path that you Could've been on, Now take the same Example, but Rather then Running into the person, you Went into a Convience store (There-Fore the person that you could've ran into actually Went by the store and because of this you Never actually ran into the person)....Poker in a Sense is the Same way, There are Certain hands in Which you should'nt play but for W/E reason ppl still play those hands, this In Turn is either gonna Get you Chipped up/Chipped Down...There's certain Scenarios that constantly keep coming up, but if your not learning nothing from it then "Your Choosing your own Demise" (Yes it was Written for you to Lose), but how you lose is up to you, Am I mistaken in saying this much?

Now Lets look at the PSO, the Benifits of the "PSO", It's not life Changing money per-say, but it's enough to Do more things that you need online with correct? I personally can say, I'm broke as of Now, and I've never had more then 1k on this site at any given time, but $1500 for me is A "Big Break", Not in terms of the money, but in terms of Options that, Those Funds open up to me....

I also Often find myself Wondering about the Pervious $1500 Winners of the past Months in the PSO league where are they now? Did they build up from those funds, or did they go broke? Did they Cash out? Exactly what did they do with there Winnings? 

Untill next time, Gl on the felt and In life