The Question as Obivious as it may seem, Is alot Harder to answer then the response that most may give (Make Sense)? As Poker players, your Constantly Trying to Figure it all out, how to play this, what's the best line to take here, What do you put him/her on, How to Extract the most, Should I slow play this, Should I play this ABC, Should I do this and that and this and that........Lets be reasonable here, and Just answer that Question as the answer sees fit, and the truth is this, "It Aint That Easy To Answer", If the Question was that Easy then Why didn't you win the Sunday Million+WSOP ME+Aussie Milllions, Why aren't you a Pro yet? And If you prolly did answer this Question then it's really a Matter of Your either A Fish/Donk, Or you think Your at a Pro level, in Which case you'd still lose for actually answering the Question (Unless you actually are a Pro, In Which Case I do Apologize for stating My own Views on this Subject)....

It's 7:05am and I just got done watching Ghost Whisperer, Yet for some Reason the PSO was in the Back of my mind, the Sunday Million was in the Back of my Mind, that Lurking Feeling of Dread was there also, I keep asking myself, why Can't I win the Big One? Is it not GODS plan for me to win it? Yet If I were to try to answer this Question then I'd be Delusional for the Simple Fact that I can Never answer this Question, lol....Then I started thinking, What If GOD put it all in my hands.... Lets Assume there's multiple Chapters in Ones Life/Road to The End, and at each Inter-Crossings during those paths in Ones Life, the "Said" Person Chooses Which Path to take, In this Case, Your End is of your Own Making, Would it not be then? Poker as in Life is of your Own Choosing to make, I may Make Multiple Exuses for the Reasons I'm losing but it's my Own Choices that Bring on the -Outcomes, are they not?Yes I do really Understand that somethings are just Unrealistically Unavoidable no Matter what, and That folding "TOP SET" would be a losing play yet if the Fold Is Warranted then it's a + play correct? Yet What about Flopping "Top Set" and facing a Shove on the Flop with only an FLD out, No Straights just the Flush Draw out against 2 ppl, Do we still call there? Now yes you call there and yes if you win you triple up but if you lose your out+Negative points also Follow, Can you still Fold? Yes it's Unfair that, That's how Some ppl Roll (I Run Bad, as most others do), but my Run  Bad is not of my Own Choosing Or Is It?

Back to the Topic at hand, I really do want to Win a Big One (Sometime This Year), yet I for Some Reason can Manage for the Most part to get to an Over Whelming Chip lead to my Table, yet always Find myself out prior to the Money, Happened this Week in the Sunday Storm+12.5k GTD+acouple other 10k GTDs, yet I don't know why that It is as So? So This In Turn leads me to more Sleepless Nights, and Over thinking about Certaiin things as if I had controll over them in the First place (Which lets be Reasonable), "I NEVER DID IN THE FIRST PLACE", Or Did I Now?

You ponder this

Untill next time