So This Month has been A up and Down for  me (Think the highest rank I got was 1650 and then back down, Well months not all over, so still aiming for 1750+)...I guess achieving that rank really depends on me, my personal Attitude, and My over all will to achieve that goal, Isn't that correct?

Here let me ask you a question, and plz take the time out to answer this question, What are you goals? Why do you play in the PSO? Is it the Money? Is it to actually win the $2, or is it to Win in the League? i Personally do it for the League (Mind you, before I did it for the $2, lol ) , I quickly realized that the $2 wasn't gonna get me anywhere and Actually got my "Active" on Rather Quickly so I can make some money from the League, Which hasn't been so Bad, Last month I finished 1740+ (Which was over all Great), This month Still aiming for the Same score but my "Will" Isn't in it, Why? It's the Same amount of money, I'm still that Same Broke Person, I could most Diffently Still use that $30 (Which I'm very GreatFul to Stars For ), So why isn't my "Heart" In it this month? I guess the League in a Way is one Major Grind, Don't you all think? The test of a True Grinder isn't by the amount of wins he's got "Under His Belt", It's His Dedication/Perserverance/Motivation/ It's his Attitude, His way of life/Thought+Ton of other things, which We Aren't/Don't Choose to be...We all say We "Grind", But do you really? Are you playing in the League games 3+hours to Cash (Not really aiming for that win), but just aiming for a Minimal Cash, because he/she Has realized that that's where the monies at...Let me Rephrase this For you, If yuo were to play everyday all day+All games, and Just Min Cashed all those Games, You'd be #1 at the PSO,
Seriously! You may think it's easy to get in the money, but it's actually not easy nor is it Fun to actually do it Every-day All Day, 6 times a Day (All lfor a Min Cash/Not  A win, BUT A MIN CASH:evil: ), That's enough to Drive a Sane Man Insane, and An Insane person to the Loony Bin, lol...Yet it's not enough to do that to a Grinder....

So to all you Wanna be Grinders, this is what you must look Forward to, Do you have what it takes?