So far today i've played in 3 tourneys, and my highest finish was 360, after taking 19th in my first ever PSO tourney yesterday. From what i've seen so far, some of the worst calls in the history of poker amount to huge chip stacks and even placing In The Money! I've also noticed many people "sitting out" for 3 or 4 rounds of blinds to ensure getting what i guess they would call a "decent" place in that tourney. My suggestion, Play the best poker you can play. Don't use the "sit out" option as a, dare i say, way to cheat the ranking system. I've only been a member for not even a week now and have learned many new things from PSO and will continue to learn the the PSO League. Why cheat the system when you can actually play and learn to beat those people that may have knocked you out in a tourney a week ago. I guess i just needed to vent a bit about the weird play i've been seeing.