Early PSO and I have been watching this donkey go all in preflop with 4-5s and various other suited connectors, even abstract hands like 10-5os. He is on the button and does his preflop jam... sitting with AKos in Small blind I think 90% of the time I will be ahead of any of his call hands I have seen. Based on the information I call my 1450 in chips. He shows 9-5os.. and lands two pair. The board jerked me a bit with a K on the bridge but it was all over for alot of points.... early.

I went and reviewed the top players (1-5) and a few players around key placings like 50th , 100th, 500th in overall points. There are very few that put it all on the line early or are very good at the hands they play with and capatalize.

This season a few of my pre-points PSO loses come from the heavy variance MTTs have. You get a great read on someone that is playing terrible. Get involved to sadly find out that now he is actually on a monster or the lucky son of a bitch sucks out and right to the rail you sail... steaming and on some mean tilt.

So thats where my title comes from, some hands look like amazing sets or just the creamiest of draws in the book but will this donkey win? How the **** *** *****  **** did he just suck out on his 11% hand?... Thats just the way the game plays sometimes. Watch out for landmines or just fold.