After a terrible night going out in the eight thousand range,AKos vs 109os preflop where my better hand lost I was thinking maybe this blog and pressure I am putting on myself isn't the best for my game. On the same thought the stinger pre-point knock outs have been either very bad mistakes on my game or just plain bad beats agaisnt some of the worst players on pokerstars. I think my MTT game in this freeroll is solid I just hit a dip in variance.

That dip was broken when my KQs landed a Q-6-3 rainbow board. No pre-flop action so I am thinking I am either way ahead or way behind to A-Q and a possible sneaky 66 or 33. I was SB and first to act and check... see if anyone wants to see another card for cheap and come over them or... maybe call an all in. Everyone checks to the button where he sends half his stack at the pile. Rookie move? Or Sharky pairs?.... In response I raise all in everyone folds into the initial raiser and he snap calls with KJ..... whoa thanks for the double up and see ya later.

I rock out to the 1400s and manage to float all the way down into 812th place. Really dry hands after that KQs and really nothing I would change on how I pulled off a top 1k placing. The thing that I took to heart was my own advice... look for the dreams... and put it on the line when its a high possibility of being the best holding. PSO has way to many pitfalls to think second best is good... but with the all them crazy donkeys out there in the field sometimes it is the best :-D