So it seems there are a few players in the PSO that are playing to win the 5$ and not going about it with any type of seriousness towards good hands and play. First loss was to a guy calling out his hand... I had him out kicked and called on the button sadly, BB had the hand dominated and sent me and mister hand caller preflop to the rail.

The second tournement that I played in was as if I was in a one dollar rebuy MTT... 4 all ins preflop. Followed by people jaming over and over preflop with complete disregard for the PSO. I had AQs in the small blind with only a few BB left. BB and Button call AJos and 76os. Sweet!! have the ace dominated and over carded the 76 pretty well. I don't know the exact % of the hand but I was sure I was ahead 55% atleast. The board lands a straight for 76os on the river and that was me.

The previous tournment to me posting was along the same lines as the second. People showing no actual preflop skill and just jam after jam. Seeing how I am WAY down in points I rock out. Played 2 hands but missed the flop and ran away licking my wounds. The dream AA comes in with only 8 BB left in my stack I shove UTG... A Middle position and BB call. They bet war the cards all the way down to the river where middle position managed to get all of his chips in by the end of it. Hands showed AA , J4s , KK with the board hitting a 4 twice one of which was on the river. Russian Donk Play wins this hand and sends me steaming to the rail. What a jerk call.... and jerk moves on the KK all the way down to the river.

Just have to breath through the noes and play like a rock to come into the points. Seems that end of the month PSO is WAY different than the start of a new season. Sick play and sick chasing.