Today I started off the PSO in high hopes. My previous months performance was pretty strong for only casually going about it. Winning one multi way pot usually means you are in the points and thats just what happened with my J9suited in middle position. It was a 5 way pot and I landed trips with a marginal kicker. Two people raise in front of me and with the amount of chips in the pot the strength of my hand I decided to jam. The horror in my eyes when one of the opponents turned a Q9 and another player turns 10-8os. A 10 lands on the bridge sucking out mister 10-8os and tieing me and Q9 . It crippled me down to about 500 chips. Blinds started to get a little scary so I jam'd preflop with that terrible combo AQos... three callers... flush takes me out around the 5000th player spot.

All in all it was an okay attempt, my play with the J9 was marginal but the pot was too large and my hand was a little too strong to walk away from. If I could take back the AQos jam I would in a heart beat. Wait for a pair or atleast a suited ace/face combo: try to land the plane some place in the points. It is make up time next PSO and hopefully not going to get one carded again on trips.

Side note: maybe just fold J9s multi way for cheap? Very possible but its such a great draw hand if it lands... but very easily dominated.