i won $15.00 last month in december, this i  will be at again,   and on the same day i place in 7th in a 2.20    3thousand ggureet and won a $111.19 THIS YEARS STARING OF GOOD IN POKER, AND IT BECAUSE OF THE PSO LEAGUE, PLAYING THEM GUYS MAKES ME PLAY ALT BETTER,AND WOMAN ARE PLAYERS TO,IM NOT BRAGGING ,BUT IM GETTING BETTER AND BETTER TY VERY MUCH POKERSTARS,AND MY GOD WHO LETS ME SEE A NOTHER DAY EVERYDAY,SO I CAN PLAY ,          WELL GL ALL PLAYERS BIG AND SMALL ,AND SRY TO SAY IF YOU PLAY ME,YOU WILL TAKE A BIG FALL, LOL                                                              AANGELL1113   WARRIOR