first step


I just heard  that on poker is posible to make somethink from nothing. One my coworker told the story (not even to me) about one hairy man , who made 100k from nothing. he is big profesional .


I am just a women . busy at home . but sometimes I like to dream . I'd like to go to seishels. its expensive. but if poker can make my dream come true? 

Where I start - in pokerschool open league! All January played tournaments. twoo times got money : one cent each time ! One tournament sit and go - and this huge amount of money gon. Finish the month in 877 position and got 0.5$. that is posibility to play somethink. How can I resist to this posibility!?!  3 tournaments and my bankrol start grow. I got 0.24$ for 0.1$ tournament.

At the moment my bankrol is 0.6$. the future will show what is posible for simple women