What with the change to 10% ITM and the influx of early shove donks, I'm having a hard time this month.

I blame myself, of course.  It's me that decides, after some fool has shoved 6 times in a row, to call this time with AJo.  Yeah, my range is certainly better than his range, but he can still win the hand.  All he has to do is hit the 2 with his 82o and he's good.  And if he does, I'm out.  I should hold out for a better hand than that.  Or let someone else look him up.  Wait until the play at the table stabilizes so that I can play a post flop game rather than all-in-or-fold.   Sure, it's nice if he doubles me up, but this month that's not what's been happening.  I've been going out early way too much.  And that's not like me.  Shove donks force one to play a luck game rather than a skill game. 

The 10% payout structure has also made it a lot more difficult to cash.  Who knew, really, that 5% would make such a difference?  It's also affected the point at which pre-cash score turns into positive points. 

I'm adjusting.  I am.  But this has been my worst month so far in the PSO.  Just have to figure out how to do better.

What have you all been doing to deal with the changes?