Hi all!

I started playing in the PSO Skill Leage in December, but have been playing online and off for some years.  I was wary of the PSO freerolls at first, since the prize pool money was pennies -- and then I realized that the top players did quite well in the monthly prize pool.  That certainly changed my attitude.  Now it became a matter of how to get some of that money -- and bragging rights, natch. 

In December, I squeaked into the lowest rungs of the league money.  I wanted to do better than that.  Preferably a lot better.  I consider one of my poker MTT strong points to be about staying alive in a tourney, so this league, which rewards that, seems right up my alley.  So my goal this month has been to get into the top 200 players, at least.  Well, it's the 22nd now and I am not there.  Struggling up.  The last few games have gone decently, which helped.  My longer term goal is to scramble into the top 50 at some point in the next 6 months.

My other goals involve improving my game.  So am enjoying the articles at PSO and the live training sessions.  Everything helps.

I had more than a few tourneys in which a big hand early on got me in big trouble.  And I was out early, with the subsequent ding to my rating.  That is so unpleasant, isn't it?  It doesn't matter what the other guy had.  It doesn't matter whether it was a righteous cooler or a bad beat.  Sometimes there is nothing one can do but play those big hands hard and hope for the best.  And when all your chips are in the center, that's your choice, and whatever happens after that is up to luck.  You just hope that, as the statistical favorite, luck will help you out.  Most times, it does.  But it only takes one time where it doesn't to be suddenly on the rails.  Just how the game is.

Anyway, hope to see a lot of you at the tables.  (I'm sure I will.)  Good luck to you in your goals this month and this year.