The 26th of January 2013 became the day that I decided to transform thoughts into action and start building a career in poker. I don't know how long it will take to reach the point where poker can be my only source of income, but I'm not in a hurry in any way.

I decided to take it slow and easy, playing freerolls, learning, making mistakes, losing without putting my financial in danger. 

I joined PSO league and played my first Open League tournament yesterday. It was not good. in second hand dealt I get pocket Aces and got busted imediatly out of the tournament. Second PSO league played today was better, still I didn't finish in the money. I got busted somewhere arround the 2000th place. I hope I keep it up and finish tournaments later and later as I continue playing.

I'm waiting for February for the PSO League Leaderboard to refresh.

Untill next post, best of luck!