I have just transfered my last 25 cents from ftp to pokerstars and registered for a 25 cent 90 man sng, if I can make it to first place that should get my roll going again, lets see , fingers crossed

Generally what Iv seen is that during this part of the day the games are filled with tougher opponents, I should have probably waited for the night time to play but I cant help it ... I'm addicted lol

I have also registered for a 10FPP VIP tournament first place 100$+ prize money, would be sweet to get a piece pof the FT prize money (starts in 1 hour 33 min) 

Im railing my friend Hanny, he's in three tournaments playing the 3.30$ 2k guaranteed and doing well so far.

Hanny is the man who got my roll going again 2 months back when he staked me, ran two stakes for him both profitable.

*A fool such as I - Elvis Persly*

*Summer of 69- Bryan Adams*

OUT in 80th place , well thats that ... gotta wait another hour now , I got Hanny to register for the 10FPP tournament too yayy I'll have company

going to watch :

1. The.Walking.Dead.S04E10

2. The.Following.S02E05 (Didnt get a chance to watch it last night)


Hanny made it to the final table of pokerschool qualifier league and finished in 6th place, he's in two more tournaments

TOOK A NAP ............ ENDED UP SLEEPING and missing the tournament, its a good thing I had unregistered, didnt waste points, will take a crack at it in almost 4 hours time. Im going to play the pokerschoolopen league starting in 25 min

TIME CHECK : 6:35 pm

And Im going to play one bankrollmob free rolls on Pokerstars and  full tilt poker, might get lucky

Registered for POKER SCHOOL OPEN LEAGUE(PSOL) and BANKROLL MOB(BM) 25$ freeroll at poker stars

Its all about having fun, Im well rested, just had a cup of coffee. (H)

Just trippled up in BM with over 4500 chips, shoved to a raise with AA, 2 callers, hit a full house on the flop, callers had 96s and QQ.

LOST a flip in BM 55 vs 88 down to 2200 chips

DOUBLE up in PSOL with 77 hit trips on the flop, check called all in 2600 chips

REGISTERED FOR BM freeroll on ftp starting in 15 min

BUSTED in BM 2852 out of 5584 with AQs shoved all in got called with A5o , both aces up on flop, turn a 5 and yolo LOL

BM on ftp starting in 10 min

Playing at FTP is like playing in disney land , though I've never been to disney land, but I'm sure it feels like an amusement park.

Time for some music !

*Becoming Insane - Infected Mushroom*

2270 chips in PSOL, nothing in the past 10 hands.

LOST went all in with QQ in BM got called by A9o , Villan flopped an Ace and took down the pot, 114 chips remaining

DOUBLE UP in PSOL KQs called min raise, flopped a K with Ace showing, value raise by villan, shoved all in, got called with JQs, flop and turn no help to villain, took it down, chip count :4340

BUSTED IN BM 717 out of 1008 holding J10s 114 all in

3350 chips in PSOL, got AK LOST flopped a straight draw, called bet, folded to shove.

3175 chips limped with AJo flopped air with 5 villans

Time check : 7:45 PM

*Dancing with KADAFI - Infected Musroom*

I think hand for hand play is on now all hands have stopped, yay in the money of some sort 1490 out of 2501 (10,000 entrants), yeah it just came on : We are no longer hand for hand

Drama at the table, curses flying here and there, multi languages LOL

Folded Q10o would have flopped two pair, but wait, the opponent had A10o and would have busted me for Aces up, its just sometimes we immidiately regret folding hands when we see the flop and this was just one of them ... so my sorrow turned to immidiate JOY ...

PSOL on break (running 55 min) 2136 remaining, current position 1400 , chip stack :2750

I have passed three quizes so far, the basics, omaha basics and cash ... I'm thinking about taking a swing at one more right now, which one? wich one? um num num ... MTT

FAILED 52% min required to pass 60%

Oh well, have to wait 6 hours now, one interesting question, its the WSOP MAIN EVENT first hand, UTG moves all in , you look at your cards ACES !!! do you call ? I WOULD I dont care if I bust out it would be the correct play in my books, although i would love to stare down the opponent, show him two aces, look at the priceless expression, and tell him ... Im a nice guy, so Im letting u go on this one

BUSTED OUT AND ITS WRITTEN HAND FOR HAND IN PROGRESS DAMN IT ! still dont know if i made it in the second qualifying round or something like that, id love it if someone would explain to me what these HAND FOR HAND before the money bubbles are ... waiting for all hands to complete ... 1428th out of 10000, had shoved with JJ villan called with K9 and flopped a King.

You finished in 1428th place (eliminated at hand #112751311506).

60 hands played and saw flop:
- 2 times out of 7 while in small blind (29%)
- 2 times out of 7 while in big blind (29%)
- 7 times out of 46 in other positions (15%)
- a total of 11 times out of 60 (18%)

Pots won at showdown - 2 out of 3 (67%)
Pots won without showdown - 0

UP NEXT 2XBM frerolls and one hyper 0.02$ 990 man sng, USING UP THE LAST 0.02 cents in my account, bankroll will read zero but I've got money coming in soon from shares of the action I bought from three different users, so Im not worried, just hoping to get lucky tonight and play my A GAME.

Writing this blog has made poker more fun for me thanks PSO for giving me this space

time check : 8:26 pm 

REGISTERED for 0.02$ hyper

Now Im regretting playing my previous session in the morning, Im psyched and Im hyped at the moment should have waited a little before playing and used the 1$ to register tournaments at this time, obviously more players playing online gives you a higher chance of winning with more weak players involved in same games. Anyways ... 

Having a strawbery & Vanilla milk shake ... yummy


First hand 4 villans all in A6o won, none of them had any premium or playable hand for going all in first hand. This is my first time playing a hyper tournamnet blinds already 25 50.

TRIPPLED UP - AKo ALL in shove 4960 chips got 4 callers, flopped an Ace took it down

Down to 2280 played A2s on the button called a raise from the small blind, raiser won all in with j7o flopped a jack where i flopped the nut flush draw.

Doubled up with JJ villan called all in with A9o 5200 chips blinds 300 600

BUSTED IN 188 OUT OF 990 holding A10o 2 villans shoved I called they were holding A6s and K10o , K10o rivered a King and took it down.

TOURNAMENT STARTED BM freeroll on pokerstars

Time check: 9:13pm

Lost an oppertunity to shove with 1010 flop had J 2 villans folded to raise, villan won with a pair of 4s

REGISTERED for BM on FTP starting in 15 min

BUSTED IN 2849 out of 6620 , holding QQ shoved from button 980 chips got 4 callers, villain won with A5o flopped a pair of aces.

Tournament starting 9:30 pm ... in just one tournament for now , upcoming PSOL and BM in 1 and half hour

Registering on DAFApoker through bankrollmob lets see if I get the 8$ no deposite bonus.

Did a check raise and made an opponent fold, i was holding A10o flopped top pair top kicker with drawing board showing, checked the flop and shoved to a bet from the raiser. my best friends most fav hand is A10 so I usually play it. It has won me more chips then I have lost.

*Becoming Insane- Infected Mushroom*

Couldnt finish watching my shows, watched the walking deAD halfway through

BUSTED in 754th out of 1466 holding KK , shoved all in got called by 2 villans , villan won holding AQo flopped and rivered and Ace and took it down.