I am writing this in the middle of a session, playing in three tournaments, if I do not cash in them then Im done for the day, I had no luck today , no cashes in almost 10 tourneys so far today,

Listening to Pink Floyd's *Coming back to life*

I had friends over and we played trump in 4 men, two teams, boy was I lucky there, had a wonderful run won 55 games and lost 13.

Just trippled up in one tourney, all three tournaments im playing are 0.25$ two 90 man and one 45 man, I have 3500+ at all three tables

this is kind of fun, running my own commentary while playing 

*track change : wake me up - Avici*

Just going through other players blogs, one interesting player is baud2death, he is running a similar stake:


that im in the middle of right now, i remember him from my starting days at pokerstars when I met other users : weaselbasher , Pinoy_hitman  etc ...

Just busted in the 45 man for 21st place, 90 man still running ...

*Rain over me - Pittbull ft mark anthony*

Im going to read through this when Im old and remember the good old times, Poker is my escape from the real world,

Busted out of the 90 man sng at 19th

The last one will have to do, sitting in 18 of 20 with 3200 chips

I really dont want to bust out of my current stake, I respect my backer a LOT 

*Disturbia - Rihana*

*Dubstep violin - Lindsey sterling*

*Becoming Insane - Infected Mushroom*

Tournament on break ,, just imagine the number of people that would have gotten up to go to the bathroom in sync LOL since there are 203,278 players playing on the software

*Saari Raat- Noori* ---one of My all time fav songs

Just shoved all in with pocket 77s to a min raise from the button while i was in big blind, he had AA , flop came A 5 6 I runner runnered a flush and doubled up  guess luck is finally finding its way back to me tonight since the new day has started sitting with 7500+ chips for 6 out of 14 , nearly ITM

Damn got sucked into one hand now with 4700 chips 8 out of 14

*clarity - zedd*

Hand for hand play is one of the best feelings when playing poker when you're not the short stack


*Transformers-1987 movie track*

finally itm and doubled up with AA

seems my session will not be coming to an end soon tonight, if i make the final table Ill start three more tournaments, if not then just two.

time check : 1:31 am

in 4 of 12 with 9100 chips

Out in 11th for 0.46$

Registering two tournaments 45 and 90 man

After these two tournaments I only have buyins for 4 more tournaments. these two have to count !!!

*Locked out of heaven- Bruno Mars*

*Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd*

Tournaments on break (H)

OUT IN 62nd place 

Last tournamnet for the night running ... 45 man 

If I make a routine of writing this blog then I will start posting interesting hands on here.

time check : 2:13am

*Use somebody - Kings of Leon*

OUT in 27th place

Oh well, thats all the money im spending tonight, going to play in the poker school open league now starting in 45 min and going to watch :

1. Two.and.a.Half.Men.S11E15

2. The.Following.S02E05

Then see where I am in the tournament and watch Top gear maybe.


Thats it for tonight Folks, Hope you enjoyed the read , thanks for your time and good luck in your games