Having said that, all the money i play here on poker stars and full tilt poker have either come out of bonuses, free rolls and stakes.


I'm a regular horse for the 0.25$ sngs on poker stars, I find it the best solution when I bust completely. Everytime I bust I just ask for a stake of 6.25$ and try and build a bankroll from there.

My bankroll has reached a max of 218$ which happened on 25th of feb 2014, which is the highest it ever went, thanks to a new variant in poker up on fulltiltpoker, the 6 card Omaha, I made crazy cash on tables but due to poor bankroll management I went bust.

I recently started investing on other players and its fun !!!

my bankroll at FTP: 0.27$

my bankroll at pokerstars: 0$

currently invested: 9$

Im currently doing a stake :


I love this challenge, starting with 25 buy ins and working your way upto 100 and then splitting profits with stakers, it was my first ever challenge on pokerstars and I made the most profit in the first go, since then iv completed the same challenge three times in profit, once bust and the fifth one is ongoing (reffer to above thread)

A little about me :$ ...

I'm a medical student in my final year and a part time biology high school teacher, my interests in life are psychology and psychaitry, and one of my biggest obsessions are cards ... I play tonnes of card games, poker being the game I'm best at. I've been playing online since 2005 on full tilt poker, ultimate bet and party poker. 

I got to play for real money for the first time when I got a 50$ no depoite bonus on partypoker, but like all newbies do, I went bust, POOR BANKROLL MANAGEMENT it seems, has been my problem since the start. 

There came a time in 2007 that i quit playing online poker and started live games, I'd do really well in single table tournaments with 9 players winner takes all, NEVER went in loss ... unfortunately poker is not that big a sport in my country, so the only live games I could play in were home games with the same crowd of people for a very long time. I returned to playing online poker in Oct 2012, thats when I joined pokerschoolonline, Weaselbasher was my first backer and the very person who gave me the idea to run 0.25$ sngs 

MASTI in my language means mischeif and AAA are my intials

I really hope that once I've built my bankroll again Ill manage it proper, the only thing is I love to gamble on flips, I depend on cards as well as luck lol ... 

My goal is to hit 500$ this year without depositing I know I reached half that goal and now I've to start from scratch, but its about proving to myself more than anything else that I can do it !!! 

Thanks for reading and good luck in your games