There is a player currently sat at a limit hold'em table whose stats are vpip 100% pfr 53% 3bet 57.1%.

He's dropped  $16 in 28 hands of 5c/10c.

Some body call Greenpeace!!!!

OMG hand 30 he folded preflop and sat out.

[5 mins later]

YAY! He's back!

gotta go catch some loooooooooooooooose money

bye :twisted:



He got away from the harpoons after dropping $9 more over 12 hands and went and sat at 10c/25c NL where the final slaughter happened.  His flopped pair lost to a flopped flush.

Needless to say this guy is on my search list and is handle is written down in a safe place.

Fingers crossed our paths will cross again when he's in such a giving mood.