Day 1 went well on the 5th with taking 1st place $40 and maximum points 

So for the second game of the month this is Day 2 of my challenge.

With the success of my 1st game i will play this one in the same style which is tight but aggressive in the spot that requires it.

I am playing the 8pm game on December 7th......204 entrants.

After around 35 minutes of being mostly card dead ,failed steals and dodgy flops im down to 540 in chips with the blinds now 50/100.

Finally get a chance to steal....

After a few hands with better results from steals etc i land  on the button which is a standard shove in that spot.

Unfortunately i get called by the sb who has  and its looking grim for me....

Did i mention that luck plays a small part in your game aswell lol

I carry on playing tight but steal in the right position to keep my stack afloat for the next few hands then i get through the itm bubble stage with around 5bb's left.

Now the bubble done and few hands later i get in the big blind.

Villian2(18k) limps in as he has been doing all the time at the table but the button shoves his 4.5k stack and i call ,villian2 folds?.

Limping in was bad play and also folding when getting a good price to call wasnt great!

Not something id reccomend

Good to see i caught the queen vs the pair.

I carry on playing tight, but aggressive in the right position acruing chips here and there as we plod on towards the final table...

The idea is the same as other game on ft.

Play tight and let others K.O each other unless i got a good hand and the spots right!

After a few hands we get an interesting hand.....i hold  in the bb and we get three players who shove!

Fold or Call? lol 

Vn spot for the aces there...and we lose 2 players from the final table.

Short stack goes out shortly after....6 players left.

Few hands later i landin the sb in another interesting hand.

Villian2 limps in again utg, as his style for whole tourney

Small stack limps aswell with his 3bb stack 

And just for the hell of it the button limps in aswell lol

I insta shove ,only short stack calls.....

Villian2 had great value to call there.

Nice to see i was dominating with AK vs K10 and hold 

Another player out we are now five handed.

Then i get dealt in the bb.

Villian2 comes in with his standard limp.

Short stack goes all in ......

I decided to fold because i wanted the short stack to go out hopefully and thought maybe higher cards would be caught and k.o me.

As it happens villian2 caught an on the flop so glad i folded.

We are now 4 handed.

I land on the button and villian2 comes in with his standard limp in.

I shove and the sb calls with a dominating , villian2 folds....

Lucky me lol 

After a few hands we get this interesting play.....

What a waste!!......,we now down to 3 players 

Few hands pass then i land in the bb.

Villian1 throws in a min raise with garbage and villian2 calls.....i shove!....

Suprised to see villian2 calling with there esp with a raise before it.

After a few more hands winning the odd small pot acruing chips we get this interesting hand similar to one earlier....


Thats the second time on ft that the villian throws a pointless all in attempt to try and bluff with garbage.

But hey i move up a place so should be thanking him lol

So for the 2nd time in 2 games im heads up 

A few hands pass and i land , raise it up to 3xbb and villian just calls......

I thought maybe he had  or similar and was calling with 2nd pair.

As it was he caught his gutshot straight on turn.

Another great result for my 2nd game its going good so far

Maybe my 3rd game i will come 3rd lol.....wishfull thinking! 


I checked the leaderboard and after 2 games im in 3rd place 

DAY 3 coming soon!..............Fist.