I thought id give the Premier league a go next year so decided to play the Qualifier this month.


I will only manage one maybe two tourneys if im lucky per day so will need good results from each game and play the tightest ive ever played.

December 5th 8pm- DAY 1

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

After around 2 hours of playing the tightest poker ive ever played i sit with the smallest stack at the table with just under 7 big blinds Vs mostly big stacks.



Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Biding my time i waited for a good hand to go all in with and then i landed in the small blind with around 4 big blinds left.

As you can see we had a standard 1.5bb raise before me to which i shoved against and it turned out to be and was relieved to catch the on the flop 

Playing tight but picking my spots until a turning point....

The big stack was raising my bb previously quite a bit then i landed which i have a soft spot for and i was ready just to call bigstacks min raise and see what the flop was like......

I flopped a open ended straight draw and back door flush which was nice  but would have settled for a fold when i shoved the flop but he had top pr and was instantly calling me.

Now i have a ok stack around 18bb's.

Around 10 mins later blinds are now 500/1000 and im down to around 9bb's patiently waiting for a hand to shove with.

I land  UTG and was an instant shove.

The BB calls a third of his stack off with ...

Good to see the on the flop which held  and back upto 18bb's.

After riding the final table bubble i get there with around 10bb's left and the smallest stack at the table.....

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

I thought i would play super tight and let others get involved in hands instead hoping they go out before me but also trying to steal bb's when folded to me in late positions.

We are down to 8 players left and bb's are upto 800/1600 ive got around 8bb's.

Shoving in late positions and stealing keeps my stack afloat whilst being patient for a good hand to double up with..........Then i land 

The BB obviously calls with any two and im happy to hold and win.

7 players left i plod on  with around 9bb's waiting for a good spot.

We have a few hands then an fatefull all in by the short stack and we now down to 6 players left.

Being very card dead and having my shove steal spots stole im now down to around 4.5bb's.

Another all in leaves us with 5 players left.

Then i land  and go all in.

I expect to get called by most hands and get called by the bb with  which is always a flip.

I hold and double up with now around 10bb stack 

After playing tight and stealing good spots im upto 20k with blinds now at 1000/2000 with the bigstack leading with 200k.

Another all in leaves us 4 handed.

Then i land  in the BB

We get a weak limp and the sb limps in aswell.

Perfect opportunity to shove as happy to collect the blinds but if called should be ahead pre flop so easy shove...

Limper folds and sb calls with  and im ahead and hold 

A few hands later a land  in the sb wanting action.The bigstack shoves all in and i insta call with my kings.

He shows  and my kings hold 

Next hand bigstack lands which is shoved on with 

Aces hold and were now down to 3 players left.

The next hand was interesting as i was first to act with  and raised it up to 4xbb to isolate the shortstack with 3xbb left.

The shortstack in the sb called but then the bigstack 3-bet me to 30k...i folded thinking i was behind!

I folded to see the bigstack had the goods with  and would have left me pretty much crushed if had called or re shoved.

 lost and we are now heads up 

Ive got 59k in chips and opponent got 235k so i will play mostly tight hu folding sb with crap etc until we evenly stacked but throw in the odd steal with reasonable hands as not get blinded out too much.

My opponent liked to mostly just call the sb and not raise it which was fine for me as i saw a flop for free with crap but re raised if i had something good.

I landed  in the sb and shoved duly called by the bigstack with ....

They held and we now evenly stacked  and after a few hands...

I land  and shove only to be called by .....

Lucky me 

Im now bigstack with 251k and opponent has 43k.

After a few all in hands go by and the roles reverse and now im trailing 100k Vs 186k then...

It seems my opponent got bored and fancied a gamble with  Vs my 

Good to see them hold 

And this is the last hand of the tourney.....

Nice to see the the other  on the flop  and i take it down 

Most of the tourney i played tight and picked my spots carefully without getting bored and shoving with crap!

Wasnt easy being the shortstack most of the game and on the final table but with patience and spotting good spots it paid off in the end.

Was a nice win and hope to win more.

DAY 2 coming up!.............