So pokerstars I wonder to myself I am successful playing live yet I can't win anything more than scraps on this site, I play and play and play and practice and read and talk with other player's I manage to get big stacks in tournaments I play but to no avail? why is this some say rigged some say bad luck and bad beats bla bla bla I really don't know what to think but getting rivered when being ahead on this ****ing site every time and losing makes me despise this site and everything it represents, how much money does one have to invest on this scam site before getting any kind of decent pay off? this is just a vent but I am seriously considering abandoning playing on this site nothing good has come of it and from what I have experienced nothing ever will except more experience on how to lose and watch bullshit constantly happen.  Hope this doesn't offend anybody and if it does well cry to someone that gives a rats ass.