I post what follows as an all too common tale of mild tilt causing grievous results. Here’s the backstory:

Prior to last Sunday’s Storm (12 Oct 2014), I had for the first time discovered the joys of the 70FPP sats (I would never normally buy in to an $11 tourney with my tiny, hobbyist's bankroll). I had enjoyed the sats so much, in fact, that I’d won two, so had a Storm ticket and 11 TBucks to put to work. In last Sunday’s Storm, however, after about 20 minutes, I ran KK into AA, we both flopped sets and that was that. Never mind, I thought, it happens and I had enjoyed the overall Storm experience very much.

So, this week (Tuesday, I think), again I win two sats, put the 11 TBucks to work and look forward to the Storm very much.

Here are the highlights of what happened. I say highlights… my entire tournament was 10 hands long and I folded 7 of them pre-flop. These are the other three:

Hand 2 (of ten):

I think I played this pretty well, for an early-stage MTT hand. I say that because I lost the minimum. However, clearly that loss put a tiny, at the time almost imperceptible tilt on me.

Hand 8 (of ten):

I make what turns out to be a great fold of my very, very pretty hand on the flop. Perhaps at this point i should say that on the Friday evening, I had managed to final-table a $1 180-seat, despite having been dealt nothing but rags all evening. It really was one of those where I had to try very hard to make stuff happen with very little in my hand and, frankly I’d ridden my luck a couple of times. So I had a fresh memory of a frustrating evening with very few really good hands to play. Do you see where this is going? Back to the story…

Hand 10 (of, you guessed it, ten)

Or as I call it, 'How To Make A Really Stupid Mistake And Lose All Your Stack’. It’s even explicitly stated in the PSO training materials: beware a check-raise on the flop, it almost certainly means two pairs. Have a look at what I did:

Does anybody have any wisdom to impart? I’ll even take vaguely sincere, sympathetic-sounding platitudes at this stage, frankly. This was a very silly mistake and I post it here as a warning for all.

Thanks for reading.