My stats they suck, do i over play and tilt? most definately, Do i play without restricting it to propper bankroll management F'in right i do and ill be the first to tell ya! Now would i like to improve my sucky stack? Would i like to have better tilt control and money management skills lord knows i do. I am a over aggresive and easily pissed off player who would love to be able to blame all that on site rigggage or misinformation the fact is tho i have played poker since i can remember i am only twenty-four and am not naive I have maybe 7 years of online poker exp i have alot of growing to do when it comes to poker.


So why is a bad stats super tiltable player even bothering to write a blog.... from my understanding tho flaming is more freaquent there tends to be good advice out there from my poker peers like say any critizim is good in my books. I am always adjusting my style and game play and having a blog on an old site i blogged on i notice that not just the responses from said peers became helpful and i learned tons in a short time period. So it is with this hope i star fresh here on Ze stoned and talented Pokerblog or STP for short. I wish those reading Good luck on & off the felt may the lord be kind in his silent ways I wish you all good health and a god bless. 

I like to leave a tournament with positivity in mind {What hand was my keystone? did i missplay or missout? am i using the right strategy for this type of tournement?} All things that i am sure most players do whilst knocked out of a tourney. I try my very best to say nicehand good game and good luck when i leave a table. I find it makes me feel better about the defeat if i dont just start  being a douche and spamming the chat box with random curses or even random Upper Case Letters signifying a "smoosh" of the keys. Yes i have to say i have sunk to the lows of pity name calling or empty threats when you look back you realise how stupid you made yourself look so even if my AA was 4 bet all in by 23off and the board came all threes! Who cares! as Ricki's Dad (Trailerparkboys)  always said "The way she goes" 

Though i spent most of this first post trashin my poor stats or BR managierlal skills or lack there off. The way i see it being 100% honest with my posts only helps me in the long run no one really cares if one time you cashed this or so so says that. This blog is a space for me to get feedback and  be able to see improvement in my game. thank you all for reading gonna keep er at one post a day and if its easy to get vids on here i am hopin to get back into making and commentating my own vids. so hope to be able to share those with the pokerschool community. Cheers folks keep your cards crisp and your chips plentiful. Good luck out there from me to you. See Ya In The Grind