Hi all,

I have been playing micro-stake 6-max cash games for a while now, inspired my xflixx training videos. I hadn't taken up his challenge though, however I used his gameplay and bankroll management tips which influenced my game heavily - for the better of course.

I decided that I should undertake the challenge now (well I'll start playing tomorrow) - start with a bankroll of $80 and grind it up from there. I have played a lot of 5NL and 10NL and I think I can play them profitably through all of the ups and downs of 6-max cash games. I will of course start the grind at 2NL, and I plan to take a 'shot' at 5NL when my bankroll reaches $100. I don't have any goals for a finish time on any of the levels, I just plan to do the best that I can. I don't know if I will reach the end of the challenge because I can't always be committed to playing poker like I can be for the next few weeks, but I will get as far as I can.

I'll  try to post updates of my progess often. Hopefully I can get some good looking profit graphs happening :-D

Current bankroll: $80
Profit: $0
Hands played: 0