10,000 entries and I finish 1st on my 1st try and 1st day that these Rafa Dream Day freerolls started. WOOOOT! Was lucky and unlucky on the way. Split to a 1 out river with AK vs K8 off on K99 flop. Case K came on river. Won a 1 outer with 55 vs AA on A5 flop with case 5 river. He slow played it till river. Heads up I played very well but almost got donked. Opponent pushed All In with KJ vs my QQ and spikes a K river. Exact same hand a few hands later I have QQ and he pushes All In with KJ off.  J flop and K river....K gave me straight. Game Over. Crazy thing is I have my kids that weekend and probably won't be able to play the finals on Oct 21st. Still I was on a high after beating 9,999 entries.... Ok maybe 1K to 2.5K  sitouts so let's say I beat 7.5 K players.


I also have made Gerry Dee PCA finals for this month having made top 9 in 1400 entry tourney. Need to win tonight Sept 30th, for $20,000 PCA package.