That's right Dec 8th 2011 at 00:34 ET I won the 20:00 $7.5K guaranted tourney with KQ off vs JJ All In Pre Flop. Flop was 9T high and as I was hoping for a K or Q....wouldn't you know... a J hits  and YEEEEHHAAAAAA.
I played this tourney very well with few mistakes but I did get very lucky with about 20-30 players left. I was dealt the venrable 48,841 to 1, AA back to back hands and played them both to perfection moving my stack from just under 2 Million to about 4.5 million chips.

I also finished 2nd in my 1st tourney this month in PSO premier skill league and should have had 1st had I not gotten frisky with A5 off vs K9 off. He flopped TJQ as I recall. lol Sad part is I didn't get 150 vpp's last month. Sheesh. No excuses now after my $1 investment turned into a $1538.97 win. Now I need to go win one of those $20K or $30K $1 guaranteed 3X turbos. Except I always add-on after 2 hours for 30K more chips. lol
This was very sweet though as my bankroll had been hovering between $250 and $400 for the last year after placing 7th in PSO open league in my 1st month for $200 after being in 1st going into last day and getting double donked in the 2 tourneys I played on Dec 31st 2010.
Damn I hope this is the start of something even bigger for my part time poker hobby.

PS. If I knew how to paste the .png file screen shot I took of the results here...I would.