Wow. Still in 1st place. Acexofspades, Grama Deb and now the jinx09 are right on my tail. Should I stay or should I go as The Clash would sing.  Am now at 15/16 positive results and 13/16 cashes, so maybe I can still call it an amazing run. Only 12 more tournaments left to play in the month. Anything can happen. I know Ace, Grama and Jinx will probably be playing at least 8 of those if not all 12. I on the other hand would be stretching it if I can play 4 today and 1 tomorrow at the most. Crazy stuff. It's lonely and dizzying here at the top. Feel Like I have a huge target on my back and the whole PSO world is out to get me. Must be my paranoid side


16:30 hrs EST. So far so one has made a consistent big move yet. I may play the 10 PM but probably won't play the 8 PM.