This is my 1st month playing PSO and so far so good. Thank you Poker Stars and PSO league for this excellent league. Number one is I want to apologize to all the players I've called "donks". My bad. Poker can be played as many ways as there are people playing the game. I really need to work on this aspect of my "online" game.  It's far too easy to be nasty online.

Secondly I'm not sure if I'll be able to hang on to top 10 since I don't really play that much. Probably will play 50 or less tourneys per month on average. I have a full time job and on almost all my days off I have my children with me. But these PSO MTT tourneys are great. I wish the ranking system was pro rated for the amount of tourneys played, but other than that it's great.

I have only had one final table finish and it was 7th. I usually limp ITM with a very low stack. I try to sometimes get a lucky flop early but try and stick with high quality hands.

My last 12 tourneys have been excellent and should've been better had I not pushed with good hands in the 9th tourney in this streak. Lost with QQ vs A7 All In PF and then AK to TT to the same player All In Pre Flop again on K hi flop with a horrible Ten river.  I should've played the time clock game and would've cashed 9 in a row and 11 of my last 12 tourneys instead of 10 of 12 with the other 2 being positive 0.XX results.

 I can't wait to see the results tomorrow AM as I think there's a chance I might even see 1st place. That would be awesome. If that's the case I might just try and hang there and see if anyone can catch me in the last 2 days. Or maybe not. lol

Good luck to all who cannot possibly catch me and to the rest...curses on you.  Half jokingly of course.