Like a lot of people money is tight at the moment so I thought I'd start playing in the PSO Open freerolls. The tourney is promoted as a way of improving your game. Well I've played half a dozen or so and I think that is about as much as I can take. Each tourney starts and you've got people going all in with 9 4 offsuit and worse, it's a complete joke. So I sit there playing tight, folding hand after hand and in no time at all the blinds have escalated to the point where I'm down to 10 big blinds and only have the option of going all in. Meanwhile the players who go all in with anything and have got lucky a couple of times and have a few thousand chips are sitting out knowing they've got enough chips to keep them in for a while. I think the idea of free tourneys for novices is really good but the way this league is set up doesn't promote good poker, quite the opposite it seems to me, just put all your chips in and see if you get lucky.